Play Thing

At the moment this new website feels like a new plaything which has me all excited as I have a neutral venue to express myself as openly or as frequently as I wish. My wife will no doubt put some hand brakes on my openess.  😍

I have been keeping a journal of my thoughts for more than 24 years. My writings come in sporadic bursts amd are not all centrally located. I have lost one of my most intimately personal hand written journals. Recently I thought I lost the backup file for a software journal I had more than 3 years of journaling on. All good I found it.

I currently use a new software it is a mobile app and is cloud based to capture my dreams and really personal and raw emotions. However this new blog and the Sefirot Capital site is hopefully an exciting new chapter in my journey to Self discovery. Here I have an opportunity to be more structured and purposeful as I want the content to motivate and educate it’s readers.

There is something enlightening and exciting getting to see into someone’s life, but I am proposing something far more exciting I am going to take you inside the mind of a Hero’s journey.  Like Joseph Campbell monumental mythological insights into the Journey of a thousand faces and his Hero’s Journey I wish to explore the very depths of my psyche on this journey and share the struggle of the individuation process.

I titled my Journal in 1989 “Thoughts in a Make Shift Mortuary”. This period was a dark one for me having moved to a new city and forced to make a whole new friendship circle after being with the same group of friends from play school to the end of high school.

In Jungs Red Book he takes you on a far deeper ride into his unconscious as he struggles his own sanity in a deeply complex metaphorical analysis of the human psyche. I hope not to go so far to the edge in my exploration but I figure we all need to question our own sanity in our effort to find the real “I”.

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