airbnb and the dotcoms

I wonder if it is fair of me to pick on one company but I am simply so frustrated.

My wife and I decided to place our beautiful Sydney home on airbnb over the holidays to effectively pay for our holiday away. Simple concept and one that is made so brilliantly easy by the said company or so we thought.

I listed the house more than a week ago which was simple enough and had me singing their praise to whomever would listen but when 2 days passed without so much as an enquiry I decided to search to see the listing and it was nowhere to be found. I have emailed and called (office hours are very sketchy on their swithboard) and each time they tell me they can see my query logged but it’s technical and they are working on it. Do me a friggin favour
that was a week ago and it’s still not listed.

Here is the point I saw a number that valued this company at $14bn on IPO admittedly it could be $4bn I am working on memory.  If this is a sign of how management are running what is no longer a startup then I don’t give this company much chance of survival. I recall reading that it already has a larger market cap than the Hilton Hotel Group. If that doesn’t smell of the dot bomb brand then I am probably high from the intoxicated valuations on Wall Street.

2 thoughts on “airbnb and the dotcoms

  1. Sorry to hear about your frustrations, I have a few friends who have property on there and it’s worked seamlessly for them (but have had issues with disrespectful holiday tenants). Hopefully they sort it out for you.

    One tip they told me was to get a few friends to ‘rent’ the place, putting some transactions through their system which helps make it easier to move you in the way things are ranked in highly competitive cities. Doing things like setting up an FaceBook page for the property, another blog or posts with links to your property, the link to your property starts to become visible in different ranking systems and people find it in search engines not just on Air BnB. Apparently this can also help with actual ranking on AirBnB. This may not help you if you need to generate the bookings immediately, but if you have a couple of weeks before you need to get people in these things will help.

    I would like to say Air B’n’B has changed how I plan a holiday and even work trips. Before I go anywhere I check the site rather than looking at hotels. A hotel is a last resort. I don’t know what that means for the valuation of the company, but it’s certainly had a bigger impact on how I travel than anything else.

    Good luck – send me the property link and I’ll put it on my Sydney Wishlist


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