Learning / Mimicking

Over the course of this weekend I have attended a number of festive dinner parties, and as conversation has meandered across many interesting subjects there is one that seems to stand out and invoke peoples fascination and surprise.  

I tell people of my intrigue and enjoyment of watching the reality show Big Brother. Let me explain: I am a flaneur, no it is not what you think it means, it is a social observer, always have been and always will be. It is part of my typology. What makes observing the relationships formed and destroyed in the Big Brother house all the more interesting is watching the show with my 15 and 12 year old kids (my wife thinks it is the biggest rubbish and a complete waste of time). Interacting with people is a vitally important skill and through a live case study I am able to discuss and analyze with my kids where we think some of the housemates go wrong and who is behaving in a suitable way to either manipulate or win over the affection of not only the housemates but the voting public. To me this is a terrific opportunity to observe psychology and a wonderful learning opportunity for young adults how to behave and how not to behave.

When it comes to learning a skill or a craft one of the best ways is to copy or mimic an expert, this is how children learn and how adults learn by reinforcing pathways of positive behaviour, e.g. CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and NLP (neuro linguistic programming). In 1988 Jack Schwager wrote a book called Market Wizards which he followed up in 1992 with the New Market Wizards and later in 2001 with Stock Market Wizards. In this tremendously successful series of books Jack interviews a legion of successful traders who we get to meet and observe and learn what characteristics make them – Market Wizards.

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