Explain your Relevance

I am writing this note to myself to help align my thinking why I believe this blog has relevance.

  1. I want to increase the amount of posts relating to the macro view of the economic landscape, by this I mean posting statistical checkpoints. One always needs to see the world in context. Over time the consistency and clarity of these posts will improve.
  2. One of my greatest insights, gained through the financial and emotional pain of losing money, is that we are mostly fooled by randomness. Remember correlation does not equal causation, causation is a far deeper dimension than correlation and requires a better understanding of the universal laws and by that I include G-d.
  3. There are axiomatic approaches to economics, the markets, life, ….. which represent asymptotic absolute truths. The time-space of this inner wisdom will not provide readers of this blog with precise forecasts; rather I hope to provide a probable risk framework that will enable readers to better navigate the macro environment.
  4. The markets are driven by people, as Ludwig von Mises called it Praxeology, ” the deductive study of human action based on the fact that humans engage in purposeful behavior”. We want to go further than studying the behaviour and formulating what the consequence of this behaviour is. Human action is driven by the way people think, consciously and unconsciously. We want to go deep into the psyche of the market participants, we want to look at the psyche of the markets itself. We want to see if the system is “sick” and if so we want to be warned. While we may not be able to cure the sickness we can take the necessary precautionary measures to avoid suffering from the contagious effects of the ailment.
  5. This blog is an open dialectic with a multifaceted personality trying to make sense of a complex world, the thoughts may be one sided at times, and my goal as is everyone’s is to achieve Wholeness so hopefully being privy to the raw stream of one persons psychic material will provide readers with some insights about me, the markets, life and yourself. I am also a reader of this blog and draw tremendous benefits from reading my thoughts as they were written at a particular moment in time. Many times I don’t even remember writing them, go figure that one.
  6. Hopefully this blog will also provide some sort of entertainment value. While I am at times tremendously serious and contemplative, other times I am silly and childlike and a lot of fun to be around.

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