Projection (Part 4)

School holidays started 2 days ago, and I have been preaching more than usual how important it is for the kids to put their dishes away and put their clothes in the wash. When I get on my high horse and tell my wife and kids about their untidiness I feel 100% justified in my actions, in fact I think I am near perfect (or do I).

Over the last 24 hrs my wife keeps coming at me with “Preacher” mistakes, in other words the very thing I am demanding from the family I am guilty of to some degree as well. This is a classic example of my “shadow” that I am projecting onto the family. It turns out I am not as perfect as I think I am 😦 and my lecturing to the family about neatness is rather something about myself that I am not too comfortable with, and it has found its expression through projection.

Don’t get me wrong as a parent I have every right to insist on the kids and my wife keeping the house neat and tidy; however the same applies to me! Following a Jungian approach, the first step to wholeness is identifying consciously with the shadow. 

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