Sefirot Capital Freestyle Portfolio

I think it is too easy to make market calls and never hold oneself accountable to how these suggestions perform. This site is not about providing investment advice, it is about sharing knowledge, wisdom and providing some entertainment. In order for me to feel engaged with the markets directly, as I no longer manage money for people directly but rather invest in other traders like a fund of fund, I will be running the Sefirot Capital Freestyle paper portfolio. To ensure that this portfolio is free of hindsight bias all trades will be posted via the blog to ensure a real time time-stamp with the portfolio updated on the Portfolio page. The objective of this portfolio is to outperform the S&P 500 on a risk adjusted basis.

Note: I don’t intend for this portfolio to trade too often.

On the 23rd December 100 VXX shares were boughts @$28.55



One thought on “Sefirot Capital Freestyle Portfolio

  1. there was a share consolidation done after the fact on VXX I have just cleaned it up. I bought 100 @ $28.50 but they changed later after the trade the price and consolidated the price 4:1 so I reduced my holding to 25 as the price was 4x larger after the price consolidation.


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