Portfolio Performance December 2014.

You can monitor the performance of my portfolio in real-time (more or less) via this link or simply go the portfolio menu heading. My intention is not to write an obligatory monthly performance report; rather I want this blog to be a vehicle for me to share my feelings about the portfolio’s performance, as and when I feel them. I know that for many the monthly obligatory report is the bane of their professional life. It is certainly less of a bind when you are making profits and don’t have to defend your actions, but most people I know want to trade the markets not write about what they did during the past month.

I know from experience examining the inner turmoil of your psyche while trading is one of the greatest tools for self development, so without further a due I will say this: I have a pleasant feeling “inside” because I posted a positive 0.29% for December whilst the S&P500 went down -0.41%. The truth is I only started the portfolio on the 23rd of December so it is not necessary a fair comparison.

The portfolio I am running is for the long haul so getting excited with such a short term result speaks to the constant need for the ego to be stroked. The core portfolio will always be for the long term but the tactical component of this portfolio will have some short term trades as well, so it is fair to say there will definitely be moments of short term euphoria and despair which will make for some interesting reading no doubt.

At the moment I have invested very little time and effort into the portfolio so I have very mild emotional attachment. This will no doubt grow during the coming months, as things get more exciting and I invest more of Michael Berman into the portfolio. I am expecting the markets to be extremely volatile in the 1st quarter of this year so stay tuned and as always, I am not providing any financial advice in these posts.

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