The Present

I am writing the word present as both a gift and a space time statement.
To speak personally when playing with my kids (this applies to many other circumstances as well) I am often very preoccupied with work or other deep philosophical thoughts with this constant need to be studying something otherwise my time feels wasted.
My wife is always quick to point out for someone so into the intellectual how do I spend so much time watching mind numbing TV. I think my answer to that is some times mind numbing can be quite soothing ☺.
Back to my kids play story, on my recent holiday to Melbourne I was playing tennis against my son and I consciously received one of the greatest presents I have had in a long time.  Sorry I have to intellectualize this experience for a moment.  I experienced what psychologist Mikhaley Csikszentmihalyi calls “flow”. For some reason at that moment in time nothing else seemed important to me, the game I was playing had become the single most important thing in my life; nothing else mattered.
As traders we seek to achieve peak performance, this can only be achieved by living in the moment, which can sometimes be contradictory as we are paid to anticipate the future.  I believe this seeming paradox is an illusion  while we need to contemplate the future to influence our decision today, we still need to focus on what we have right now. So with these words of encouragement I am hoping to spend a lot more of my time in the moment and look forward to all the presents.


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