Why are we so scared?

The question I pose in the subject line is not reserved for traders, I believe we are all suffering from a relative form of fear at different times of our day. I do however, feel traders or any other professional whose “worth” is easily calculated by the $’s and %’s they notch on a ledger, encounter the emotion of fear far more acutely than people who are able to “hide” in the pack when their value-add is being evaluated. I would classify professional sportsmen in the same grouping as traders.

There is a Kabbalistic idea that fear comes from being alone. This is why so many of us who expose ourselves by applying our trade in an industry that measures skill in black and white are so perpetually afraid. Don’t you remember when you were a child, going to a party on your own filled you with fear. Think of all the times in your life when you were absolutely petrified, I am sure at the time you felt alone, alienated, misunderstood.

Like all forces in life there are opposites to counterbalance the force of energy. The solution to being afraid is simply not being alone. We can achieve this in many ways and on different levels, sticking with the child going to parties on their own, a practical solution is to go with a friend. Likewise as a trader it may help having a partner to assist with certain decision making. On a deeper more spiritual level there are times when there are simply no physical solutions. Its at these times believing in a higher power and the partnership that comes from a spiritual relationship is the only cure to an existential loneliness.

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