Market Ego Development

Just a few Jungian thoughts based on Ego Development.

There are typically 2 key stages in ego development the mother (containment) phase ie. The garden of Eden type image where things are done for you in a safe nurturing way. The 2nd phase is the father (adaption/adjusting) phase whereby the ego transitions from its safe passive environment into one with anxiety and consequences.

Of course the ideal is for each stage to be experienced appropriately with a steady transition into greater challenges. When this process is done poorly or with shocks to the system Ego Defences develop thus inhibiting development. Poor development can lead to getting stuck in the early phase of development. This often leads to narcissistic behaviour or what Jung called the Puer aeternus (the eternal youth) where the ego doesn’t learn to take on any responsibility. It forever remains potential without lasting action.

I think to myself as I observe the next level of discussion taking place in Greece and how the world economies are stuck in the mother / concealment phase of their development with their reliance on Central Bankers. We know that this kind of ego development creates psychological pathology with consequences. Unfortunately we need to accept that we are sick and that we need to encounter more “father” to balance the one sidedness of our current economic development.

I fear what we have become and what we are becoming.

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