Something New

This has been a big week for me, and I see my posting slowing down some in the next few weeks. One of the main reasons is that yours truly has recently started a new software company. In due course you will learn more about this venture as it progresses. Now that I can share that distraction with you I feel a tremendous sense of relief.

Being creative is what I love most and I hope this new outlet will provide me an opportunity to keep learning and sharing “the inner wisdom of the market complex” on this blog.

I have to admit, the rally to new highs on the S&P500 is simply quite marvelous. For all my errors forecasting collapse, I have to be honest with myself, this climb is quite majestic given the horrible news that accompanied this journey.


Nothing however goes up forever, I am very satisfied with the performance of the Sefirot Freestyle portfolio todate, and while I cannot forecast what tomorrow will bring, I can say that given the amazing performance over the last few years, the returns for the broad markets over the next 10 years will be sub-par even factoring in robust GDP growth.

For now the law of LARGE NUMBERS awaits, and I suspect the S&P500 will crest the 3000 mark and the Dow will pass the 18,000 level probably before the weekend; sparking a whole bunch of noise in the market place.


One thought on “Something New

  1. New software company?


    Brian Azizollahoff
    Property Group

    30 Melrose Boulevard, 1st Floor, Melrose Arch 2076
    PostNet Suite # 374, Private Bag X1, Melrose Arch 2076
    Tel: (011) 684-1719 Cell: 083 255-2351 Fax: 086 602-0567
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