Money is in Balance

We often wonder to our self or discuss amongst our friends why Mr X is so rich and why Mr Y is so poor. There are endless treaties written that income inequality is wrong and detrimental to the economy and society at large.

There are many different economic arguments one can make for why capitalism and the free market in what ever degree of unequal distortion it presents, is healthy and part of the fabric of a growing economy. I want to focus on a more spiritual dimension of this equation and with a few extra variables would like to suggest that Money is in Balance despite the lopsided nature of the $ and cents ledger. My explanation is not for everyone as it requires a belief in a Transcendent Central Banker.

What if I said that some people are given extra wealth as caretakers so that they can give it to those less fortunate who have too little wealth. What if I went a step further and said that those who have excess wealth are being tested to see how they overcome natural selfish human desires, and that those less financially fortunate are being tested by having to humble themselves and ask for help. In this equation there is no role that is better, both roles giver and taker are part of the same balancing equation. You cannot have one without the other.

With this in mind Money is always in Balance the only variables that change are the degree of giver and taker required in the equation. However, when society breaks down in conflict there is a clear sign that the givers and takers are not doing their jobs properly and a COMPLEX erupts forcing a new “Spiritual Money Equilibrium”.

You can think of this note in the same context when observing traders. You get winners and losers, you get buyers and sellers, of course on paper we don’t have equality. There are winners and losers in the trading process. But think about it for a minute, what if I told you that every trader was a winner. Could you accept that? In monetary terms of course not it doesn’t add up. However, if you think on a deeper spiritual level it is possible to accept that the winner was a winner to test his ability to do good with his winnings and to also remain humble. The same can be said for the “loser” as perhaps the loss was needed to bring him down a peg, perhaps there was too much swagger in his stride.

So in this case Winner/Loser = Winner/Winner.

If you think like this and accept that our action and reactions are always part of a balancing equation then it gives a tiny sense of our PURPOSE and the fairness of our day to day existence.

[I hope this little note reads like it was intended. I am simply trying to say that everything in life happens for a reason and no matter what it presents to the world on an earthly dimension when factoring in the spiritual dimension there is transcendent fairness in play.]


3 thoughts on “Money is in Balance

  1. This is a very interesting idea! However, it is also very dangerous. You are trying to get rid of the problem of inequality by appealing to something transcendent. This alleviates worries, but it also justifies what is happening. If rich people did help the poor then this idea would hold sway. But, the rich do not help the poor – a tiny percentage of profits from the banking industry could help solve a lot of problems, for example. These people simply don’t care about anyone other than themselves. How is it ‘fair’ that someone can spend a billion dollars to get a slightly bigger speedboat than the one he has already when there are people dying from hunger ion this world? It is not even a question of fairness; it simply makes no sense whatsoever.


    • Hi Stefan I cannot answer your question as I too feel this way most of the time. What I am trying to suggest is that no matter who extreme it may feel to us in terms of a much higher dimension their is balance to the equation. Of course this doesn’t take away the earthly suffering.
      I don’t want this post to be a debate about whether one believes in a benevolent G-d or not as that is not my goal, rather I would rather it be about looking for something positive in what SEEMS to be unfair.
      Something I haven’t properly addressed in this post is that to us it seems like the ones with the Excess wealth are failing in their duties to give. I am going out on a limb here and haven’t thought this through fully, but perhaps the givers are failing because the takers are failing as well?? I don’t know the answers just trying to make sense of it.
      On a personal note, I don’t have a major problem with the 1%.


    • Hi Stefan. You make a valid point.My personal view revolves around viewing the situation not from a mere external (reality we can see, touch,feel – a tiny percentage of profits from the banking industry could help solve a lot of problems, for example.) point but also to understand/explore the underlying spiritual/quantum reasoning. Maybe problems faced by people are a natural mechanism by which they evolve to their external and spiritual potential. I hope I am not sounding harsh by saying so because I in no way can compare my small problems to the unfair problems faced by millions (hunger,shelter,poverty,joblessness etc).

      While a rich person/entity/organisation (the so called 1%) without a heart of giving may seem externally as someone caring only for themselves…the underlying reasoning could be more complex involving their psychology,experiences, attitude, economics,upbringing and so on.However, this does not mean that they are at complete peace or do not experience a lack in their life.

      After all…the mysterious one(G_d,master within+ other synonyms) has a subtle way of balancing it for that particular entity/person/organisation.

      I could give you an example from my life…but that will bore you 🙂 . Ultimately, I think (and I could be way wrong) it comes to man’s free will to work towards creating a balance between the the external and innate world. Just my one cent worth…opps make that 2 cents 😉


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