A Romantic Idea far from Reality

In the last week I have had 2 occasions where good friends of mine both spiritual people have put forward the idea of healing oneself through the power of the mind. My reaction to their comments has sparked an atypical response in me, which tells me that if I am truthful with myself I must have a complex being constellated by their words.

On a personal note, I have a lot of chronic sickness in my family which is the source of a lot pain and suffering for all of us both physical and emotional. I guess the reason for me bristling with my friends advice is due to the fact that I believe their understanding of the workings of the world is coming from a naive fairy tale idealism that through the law of attraction all can be fixed. This notion was further enhanced by the popular book “The Secret” published in 2006 selling more than 19 million copies and heavily marketed through popular self-help television programs.

This however does not answer why I had/have this reaction. After all I do believe in the positive and negative feedback loops we create in our mind. Jung for one wrote extensively on the subject of psychosomatic disorders. I have no doubt in my mind that our incredible minds have the power to create devastating somatic illness, as I equally believe that our minds have the ability create incredible cures for some of these illnesses. I personally have witnessed through hypnosis people “anesthetized” to such an extent that surgery is performed without any drugs. I have also witnessed miracles in my own family with people given terminal diagnoses, only to become cured. So why am I so touchy?

While I think along a spiritual plane I also think like a scientist and anecdotal evidence is not something I place too much weight on, I am all too familiar with the human cognitive biases we bring to our lives. The point I wish to make is that I see the world through the lens of a decision tree. We all have FREE CHOICE to make decisions that play a controlling role in how our life will end up, so yes quite emphatically we control our destiny. What I don’t believe is that there is always a path carved into our destiny that is: healthy, wealthy & happy. Rather I believe each one of us has a destiny that is ideally suited to us. We don’t know the true meaning of happiness/sadness, pain/suffering, health/sickness, wealth/poverty and its imprint on our soul, but we sure think we do. Why am I reacting like I am, to well meaning people who are trying to help?


I think maybe its because I don’t want anyone to take away the pain I/we feel. Pain is itself a healer and while I want the physical pain to go away as soon as possible I also want those around me to hold that pain with me and see it for what it is. I think we live in a society where everyone believes we deserve to have what others have. We believe it is our rights to consume and live a life of prosperity. The world has never been more indebted due to its insatiable desires to consume every gadget that comes on the market, irrespective of whether we can afford it or not . Common sense has been left at the door in favour of living in the moment. Not all destinies are ever higher stock markets and gross domestic product and a 3 bedroom home with a white picket fence. The world is a place of Divine Judgement, we don’t have all the answers.

I didn’t mean this to be rant, I wanted rather to convey that I wish we all got more real about our lives. I must therefore conclude that the fact that I am rather irritated by this notion of people saying “think positive thoughts and all will be well” is an interesting snapshot into my current state of mind. Perhaps the fact I am reacting like this is I am feeling judged, perhaps this is all a projection to my helpless feelings for my families health. Perhaps I am projecting a lack of true belief in the actual message I am putting forward here. I guess time will tell I am just trying to say it as I see it.

I will conclude that I have the same thoughts towards traders in the market place [for those of you who stayed with to the end 🙂 ]. Some of you are no doubt absolutely brilliant traders, and I have no doubt many of you will make the correct choice at each fork in your road but there is no guaranteed pot of gold at the end of each one of your proverbial rainbows.


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