Hoisted by Your Own Petard

I am sitting in my local coffee shop sitting behind a group of brash high school boys who instead of being in school at 10am are busy sipping coffee and ordering fancy breakfasts. There is however one young ring leader whose arrogance and self belief in my opinion is climbing off the charts, I hope this isn’t my own bias but a fair observation.

I don’t know enough about this kid to comment on whether he is a nice person. However I do know the family and know he comes from enormous wealth. He has been built up by his parents and their considerable influence as a tech genius. He knows nothing of my observation as I watch his feet tapping away with all this energy. He is banging away on his iPhone and his buddies are hanging on his every word. He has just come back from a trip to the US where he “interned” for some of the great companies and gained considerable media attention, all while still at school.

I end with my title line, not sure why that phrase came to mind but its meaning I think is quite apt. In many similar cases one creates a monster that lands up blowing up in ones own face.

2 thoughts on “Hoisted by Your Own Petard

    • I don’t want to take away from his achievement as he designed an app that went viral, it was one of the best selling games. So I want to be clear he got the internship I believe on his own ability. My real point is that just like a trader can have an early success, this can land up being our biggest weakness as we forever chase the moment of that early success.


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