Fall from Grace

At yesterday’s Australian Soccer League grand final billionaire Frank Lowy was the dignitary chosen to hand over the winners trophy.

Things didn’t go exactly according to plan click on the link to see Franks fall.

The man is 84 so firstly thank God he is ok but there was something so comically funny about his fall. Frank is so highly regarded where ever he goes and is someone who has been a pillar of the Australian Jewish community  and the community at large. As a holocaust survivor he has beaten all the odds and some.

The point I wish to pick up on is how the psyche strives for balance. I don’t know this for sure but as an observer this is a man with an enormous EGO. How embarrassing that this fall was captured on TV and has been cast all over the world on TV news broadcasts.

Life is such a great leveller. On a more pessimistic doomsday type level could this be an archetypal type message that we have seen the end of his GREATNESS?

One thought on “Fall from Grace

  1. Hahaha…poor fellow! It seemed like he wanted to take the trophy along as he fell. What was sad though is that none of the players with the exception of one (the seemingly giggling), made an immediate move to help him.


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