There are no Words

I just feel the need to write tonight.

On Thursday afternoon I heard the shocking news of tragic cycling accident that killed a new congregant from our synagogue Dr Henri Sueke a 36yr old father of 4. You can read more about the tragic event on this link. This man a pediatric ophthalmologist, a committed husband and father and deeply religious was one of the good guys; taken so young.

I have just come home from a lecture which was dedicated in his honour, and I wanted to say what an inspiration his wife has been to me and the community in general. In her darkest hour on Thursday night after only hearing of the tragic news a few hours earlier she asked her family to bring her to the synagogue so that she can hear words of Torah to comfort her sorrow. I happened to be there learning with my rabbi and so she joined us in our learning. Tonight at the lecture in her late husbands honour she was there connecting to the people offering her comfort and to the one on high and doing all she can to honour her husband memory.

When someone is good to the core it shines through no matter the circumstances. While I don’t know Dani personally I know her. What I mean is I can sense an incredibly strong, courageous women who has an unbreakable spirit.

May her and her family be comforted amongst the mourners of Zion.

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