Random Gym Lockers

I joked in the gym locker room this evening with a guy how Murphys Law will ensure that when you are changing and there are tons of free lockers in our section he will have his kit in the locker next to me.

The point of this post is that while it feels like it happens pretty often the truth is it is nothing more than random coincidence and all the times it doesn’t happen these occurrences simply go unnoticed. I think due to the inconvenience and the invasion of space especially when dangly bits are out in the open we tend to notice the times when the lockers are next to each other and because they make an impact it feels more often than random.

This is precisely what happens in the market place. Certain setups make a stronger impact on us and this impact leads us to believe that we have identified a new trend.

I am a very statistically aware person and I feel the jar when I observe people make these misguided statements. What is even more jarring is when I observe myself make these same mistakes. 😤

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