Can Dish it but Can’t take it

The Shanghai Stock Exchange has been in free fall for the last 3 weeks with many calling the selloff irrational.
Most forget that the Chinese market was the hottest stock index in the world last year with metoriac rises over the last couple of years.
When a market is hot people start to wonder when should you sell. You wait and wait and get more anxious. Finally the market starts dropping and you say let me lock in my gains and so the process unfolds until most people are heading for the same exit door and the stampede is ugly.
This is the nature of the markets they go up slowly in value sometimes a little faster than usual and then get ahead of themselves. Sensible investors identify this and cash in and typically also land up getting ahead of themselves until they create more value opportunities and so the cycle of the markets continues. Usually 5 steps forward and 3 steps backwards. Sometime in individual cases like stocks it goes back all the way to zero.
If you want to play in the game called the markets you have to be prepared to take as good as you give.

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