A New Home

I am really excited tomorrow I start working out of a new fintech hub in the Sydney CBD. The Australian government and business community is starting to address the great need for startup entrepreneurs and in my case fintech startups. For the last 6 months I have been floating around, working from any place that grabs my fancy. It has been both amazing and frustrating. Like all things in life, when viewed by an outsider it is natural to assume only the positive. Let me explain.

Most people in the workforce have to go into an office, arrive at a certain time and leave at a certain time and not miss any days, unless they have a legitimate sick note, or apply for leave. The last 6 months I have had none of that, I start and end work whenever I want and work from any location I wish. Awesome? Yes – it is but it isn’t without its negatives.

Firstly, don’t for one minute think that this approach equals less hours worked. In my case I would defy any corporate worker to show they have worked more hours than I have. If you are a disciplined person with a lot to get done, having this freedom doesn’t mean this is a chance to shirk work effort because the “boss” isn’t watching. If you are thinking like this you need to re-examine your work ethic or your job.

Secondly, and for me the most important point of this post is that having such freedom of choosing where you wish to work from: home, library, coffee shops, car, park, beach, etc is both liberating and unsettling. By nature I am not someone who likes to be restricted, I like my freedom, but I am a mature adult and know that freedom is only a partial right, there are responsibilities which one cannot/shouldn’t avoid. While I have nurtured this “Wandering Archetype” of my psyche the last 6 months I feel I have also become slightly unbalanced, constantly moving. I may work from home, then the kids come home and make a noise, or I am on a call and disturbing them, so I move to a coffee shop, I have a coffee then feel like I am taking too long and occupying their space to move on, or I am enjoying myself working from the public neighbourhood library and then a group of young kids start to disturb me and so it goes, I can sometimes feel like I am continuously on the move with no anchor.

In conclusion we go through experiences that we need, it is our way of self-regulating our inner-self, and knowing me like I know me, it was something that I needed to recharge my batteries for the next phase. To the outsider it looks perfect and invokes emotions of envy, but the truth is the person experiencing it experiences it differently; it is part of what he has to experience, and it isn’t always positive despite the way it looks to the outsider. You can extrapolate this out to the way we look at people with exceptional wealth and envy their position. We must not forget they too are experiencing their journey and while it may look perfect from the outside, I guarantee you it is fraught with its own positives and negatives.

The pieces in my new startup venture PsyQuation are slowly coming together. Stay tuned to learn more about my journey

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