Bear Out of Hibernation

Could it be that the bear has finally poked his head out from hibernation?

I have just found myself scrolling through some charts of major indexes getting a feel for how things have been performing of late. I have had no interest in the markets except for a brief period 2 weeks ago when watching the Shanghai exchange encounter a selloff.

I have noticed a little weakness the past few days and with yesterdays 8.5% selloff on the Shanghai exchange I have now some renewed interest. I looked at Gold, Oil which have been particular weak and now I can see the broad US indexes displaying some rolling over behaviour. I think this one can morph into something quite big. I have said that a few times, only to feel the ice cold draft prompting me back into hibernation.

I am feeling particularly ratty today, I know I had a late night and early start and some people in the office are annoying me. However as a journal writer over decades I have seen this pattern before where my mood often acts as a precursor to something bigger in the markets. Talk about seeing imaginary patterns, or not 🙂

Take a look at Gold and Shangai



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