Feeling Well

I haven’t posted for sometime. I have been capturing some of my spontaneous thoughts on my twitter feed @mickson but in essence my thoughts have been almost exclusively focused on the new startup PsyQuation.

About 3 weeks ago I got some sort of flu virus and tried my best to beat it. I took things slow and mostly got on top of it. Then 2 weeks ago I went to Hong Kong to meet my partner and cofounder for a brainstorm session. We had a great week but the time zone and unfamiliar climate contributed to me catching a new virus in my left eye. Wow how crappy one feels when affected by a virus.

Last week I was in Melbourne where I tried to shake the virus, I took it very easy over the weekend and feeling a lot better today.

I say all this while my daughter suffers with a chronic rare condition at the age of 16, having spent most of her life fighting one ailment after another. I feel so weak and moody, and basically pretty useless with the “man flu”. I think however I am suffering also from a broken heart, as a father watching his precious child suffer. I wish this was a more positive sounding post, but this is how I feel right now.

The markets to me seem once again bipolar. This is not an ordinary time. We are seeing volatility and potential manic markets, and then shhhhh, quiet. It feels like the more the market wants to express its feelings the more it is inoculated with medicine to keep quiet. I maintain we will soon see the mother of all breakdowns.