I feel hopelessly inadequate to talk about this subject, but I am going to have a go. I am back in work mode proper tomorrow so will continue on my analysis of the global markets and how we go about trading them, for now let’s learn a little more about the name of this site and its meaning to me. For those not into the spiritual esoteric I suggest you give this a miss.

For those who follow the Jewish religion we are given intricate detail how to follow the religion and when to do things; however we are also taught in a more cryptic abstract way, why we do certain things. In the ancient mystical writings of the Kabbalah we are taught in allegorical form how G-d created this world, and how it exists as part of four worlds (emanation, creation, formation, action). Because G-d is infinite and we are finite beings our ability to understand his “ways” is limited and therefore we are forced to make do with allegorical examples to try and comprehend what is meant. Here is a simplistic explanation of the Kabbalistic model of creation and its significance for Sefirot Capital. I need to stress once again this is so simplistic an explanation that it verges on the blasphemous, but I persist simply because even understanding a tiny bit is worth it.

G-d had the ratzon (will) to create a world where people would create tikkun (rectification) i.e. make good triumph over evil through their own free will. With G-d’s endless light Ein Sof  nothing finite can exist within a world of the infinite, so G-d needed his presence to tzimtzum (withdraw) to create space for the finite. Within this reshimu (void) G-d passed a kav (ray) of his Endless Light to form a spiritual world Adam Kadmon (Primordial Man) by way of 10 illuminations or powers called Sefirot. The world of Primordial Man was still too lofty for us to deal with so G-d needed further tzimtzum  (concealment / withdrawl) and the 10 sefirot of Primordial Man became separated further into stand alone vessels and from these sefirot  (vessels) all of reality exists.


In the list below you can see the English definition of each Sefira.





Chesed—Loving Kindness






With that background when a reality exists that is compassionate the world is operating under the dominance of the sefira of Chesed. When we encounter harsh situations we are encountering the dominance of the sefira of Gevurah, the model gets even further complicated with each sefira containing the 10 sefirot and so on. For me Jung’s idea of the Archetypes shares many similarities to the Sefirot and it is the main reason why I chose this name for this site.

The world of the markets is a reality and this reality is governed by the Sefirot / Archetypes, it is up to us at Sefirot Capital to try and understand and identify under which Sefira / Archetype the markets are being influenced and to design our portfolio and our behaviour accordingly. I have no idea what that means in practice, what I do know is that the more whole we become and meet our real Self, the more enlightened we will become with what to do with our trading persona.

There is nothing scientific about what I am saying, I am merely hypothesizing that the markets are an extension of our every day reality, and within this world there is a metaphysical medium of intuitive energy that provides those with the sensitivity to tune into this flow of libido the opportunity to profit from this wisdom.

Grown Ups

My sisters house on the left and my house on the right.

My sisters house on the left and my house on the right.

As a young person growing up you try and picture what your life will look like when you grow up. I grew up in a close family and always had a close relationship with my sister who is 14 months older than me.

In December 2000 my mom, sister and her family emigrated to Melbourne with me staying on in Johannesburg, South Africa. I moved with my family to Sydney in December 2007, and every year we come on a short holiday to Melbourne where we stay with my mom.

This year my sisters best friend from grade 1 offered us to stay in her house while she is on holiday. The house is amazing it has everything, it’s massive with swimming pool and tennis court and every game a child could dream of. But it is even more amazing because it is next door to my sisters home with my mother a few streets away.

So I write this post while living next door to my 44 yr old sister. Even though it’s for a couple of weeks I feel tremendously blessed to have this almost child like experience with my kids living next door to their first cousins and me and my mom and sister popping in to each other’s house. I grew up living a few houses away from my great gran, gran and grandpa, great aunt, and two of my moms sisters with my cousins, so the feeling of living next to my sister has brought back so many fond childhood memories.

How wonderful to have friends that open their home like Lauren and Manfred. Yours truly is unwinding and recharging looking forward to a big 2015 and feeling so grateful.

Play Thing

At the moment this new website feels like a new plaything which has me all excited as I have a neutral venue to express myself as openly or as frequently as I wish. My wife will no doubt put some hand brakes on my openess.  😍

I have been keeping a journal of my thoughts for more than 24 years. My writings come in sporadic bursts amd are not all centrally located. I have lost one of my most intimately personal hand written journals. Recently I thought I lost the backup file for a software journal I had more than 3 years of journaling on. All good I found it.

I currently use a new software it is a mobile app and is cloud based to capture my dreams and really personal and raw emotions. However this new blog and the Sefirot Capital site is hopefully an exciting new chapter in my journey to Self discovery. Here I have an opportunity to be more structured and purposeful as I want the content to motivate and educate it’s readers.

There is something enlightening and exciting getting to see into someone’s life, but I am proposing something far more exciting I am going to take you inside the mind of a Hero’s journey.  Like Joseph Campbell monumental mythological insights into the Journey of a thousand faces and his Hero’s Journey I wish to explore the very depths of my psyche on this journey and share the struggle of the individuation process.

I titled my Journal in 1989 “Thoughts in a Make Shift Mortuary”. This period was a dark one for me having moved to a new city and forced to make a whole new friendship circle after being with the same group of friends from play school to the end of high school.

In Jungs Red Book he takes you on a far deeper ride into his unconscious as he struggles his own sanity in a deeply complex metaphorical analysis of the human psyche. I hope not to go so far to the edge in my exploration but I figure we all need to question our own sanity in our effort to find the real “I”.

New Beginnings

Sefirot Capital is a site with a soul, before discussing what we do and what we are hoping to achieve let us understand a little more about the name . The ancient Jewish mystical tradition Kabbalah is built on the structure and interplay of 10 emanations called Sefirot or Sefira in the singular. These creative forces are the driving force behind the worlds creation and ongoing existence and therefore a deeper understanding of their role helps us make sense of the inner wisdom of a seemingly chaotic world. The second reason for using the Sefira concept is its close association with my modern day hero C.G. Jung and his theory of the Archetype, the mythology of my beliefs will weave their way throughout the writings on this site.

At Sefirot Capital we are positioning ourselves as an ethical think tank bringing a unique soulful, psychological, philosophical, economic and quantitative perspective of world economies and the capital markets. This promises to be a Hero’s journey where we say what we feel and what we believe at all levels of consciousness in an effort to achieve Wholeness.

The site will take the split form of spontaneous thoughts on all things market and mind as a blog/journal and a more detailed thoughtful research based section. On the latter, I have been wanting to write a book on the markets for many years bringing a unique psychological perspective. I have decided to embark on this journey in a very open way, and write and publish each chapter on this site in real time. The books current name is “Market Complex” and is a project I am particularly excited about.

Note: I will post a Jungian dictionary to the site as many of his terms or their precise meaning will be new to the reader. Some Kabbalistic concepts of the Sefirot as they relate to the capital markets will also be developed on this site in due course.

What I want readers to experience from this site is a dialectic conversation, a term Jung uses as his mode for how the form of therapy takes its place between analyst and analysand. The courage to gain true understanding involves exposing ones inner Self and it is far easier to do this without shareholder interference and a corporate agenda. I considered writing in “ghost” form to protect my business career should I say or do something unpopular, but I have decided that would be denying the very essence of what I am trying to project.