Brick by Brick / Line by Line


As the CEO of a software startup that will be launching in the new year it is frustrating talking to interested parties about what we are doing, as the first question they ask is can I see how it works.

Unfortunately this is currently not possible as we don’t yet have a beta version for people to play with. However, the one thing that keeps my spirit soaring is watching each line of new code added to our GitHub repository.

Just like you build a beautiful building one brick at a time, so do you build beautiful software, one line of code at a time.

Near but Far

We have been consulting as data scientists to an insurance company for the last 3 -4 months. We have taken their raw SQL outputs and programmed a lot of business intelligence in Python code.

We were done with our analysis about 4 weeks ago, however the client wanted to see the results in Excel so we were forced to jump through a few extra hoops and get our native python code to talk with Excel and output the magic. This all works fine – but!!

The client had to present our model to their Exco this week, and things didn’t go according to plan. For some reason they seem to do the odd manual data overrideĀ on their system which comes out of their SQL report in an incorrect date format, which is screwing up our model’s output.

A good lesson in computer programming, you can be so near but so far.