This Time is Like No Other

I know I am in the minority when I say that the world finances are on the brink of a major sea change.

Of course the world sees only new high’s on the stock exchange, record highs in the real estate market, commodity prices once again surging.

Me on the other hand as a student of the collective unconscious and the market complex specifically, see something I have never seen in my life time and I believe the unpredictable nature of this complex fighting its way to the surface is likely to unleash an equilibrium balancing shift that will be shocking to say the least.

Symbolism is currently at its richest. We have this archetypal figure in Trump who is trying to portray himself as a saviour of biblical proportions. But for all his bluster in my opinion he is more symbolic of a shadow projection of a major segment of society who is tired of the status quo, who is tired of political correctness. For those who understand the shadow in all its unbridled “darkness” will see how badly this side of our psyche needs to be expressed. It is quite informative how so many of the people who vote and support Trump are scared, embarrassed or shy to say so. The reason is because the complex masked behind these feelings that have not been integrated into our Psyche are gaining so much energy (libido) that it is clear they can no longer be suppressed.

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Brick by Brick / Line by Line


As the CEO of a software startup that will be launching in the new year it is frustrating talking to interested parties about what we are doing, as the first question they ask is can I see how it works.

Unfortunately this is currently not possible as we don’t yet have a beta version for people to play with. However, the one thing that keeps my spirit soaring is watching each line of new code added to our GitHub repository.

Just like you build a beautiful building one brick at a time, so do you build beautiful software, one line of code at a time.

Intuition and Synchronicity show their Power

In January this year we presented our seed funders with a dollar and time budget for our new startup PsyQuation (we are unfortunately still in stealth mode so our site has no information (2 more months)).

When we put our budget together we had no idea on the details of the project. Yesterday I spent a lot of time going through the budgets, and I am very proud to say that we are well on target to come in under budget $-wise (despite a 20% AUD devaluation) and on time, time-wise.

How did this happen given all the distractions and crises that have happened since January?

Intuition is something Jung writes a lot about, and I unfortunately don’t have the time to unpack it from a theoretical point of view. The key point is that when you are an experienced professional you are able to do amazingly complex calculations unconsciously which expresses itself as intuition. Take a grandmaster chess player, it takes super computers with enormous processing power and speed to think like a grandmaster. While the grandmaster can do the calculations with no effort and in seconds drawing on their experience and their brains ability to process deductive reasoning.

The synchronistic event I wish to discuss is the reference I made on these pages a few months ago regarding my desire to learn the Python computer programming language. Why did this interest me? I had already embarked on learning R the more in vogue data science language, yet something in my psyche kept pushing me to learn Python.

Well what do you know, through no influence of mine, the language we have chosen to be the universal language across our companies software development is Python. That is not to say we won’t write things in C++, or other database languages at times, but essentially the glue with all the code will be Python. As the CEO of the company it is immensely powerful that I am familiar and can write some code in the language of the company I represent. A few months ago I often wondered to myself, “why”.

I now know Why!

Bear Out of Hibernation

Could it be that the bear has finally poked his head out from hibernation?

I have just found myself scrolling through some charts of major indexes getting a feel for how things have been performing of late. I have had no interest in the markets except for a brief period 2 weeks ago when watching the Shanghai exchange encounter a selloff.

I have noticed a little weakness the past few days and with yesterdays 8.5% selloff on the Shanghai exchange I have now some renewed interest. I looked at Gold, Oil which have been particular weak and now I can see the broad US indexes displaying some rolling over behaviour. I think this one can morph into something quite big. I have said that a few times, only to feel the ice cold draft prompting me back into hibernation.

I am feeling particularly ratty today, I know I had a late night and early start and some people in the office are annoying me. However as a journal writer over decades I have seen this pattern before where my mood often acts as a precursor to something bigger in the markets. Talk about seeing imaginary patterns, or not 🙂

Take a look at Gold and Shangai



A New Home

I am really excited tomorrow I start working out of a new fintech hub in the Sydney CBD. The Australian government and business community is starting to address the great need for startup entrepreneurs and in my case fintech startups. For the last 6 months I have been floating around, working from any place that grabs my fancy. It has been both amazing and frustrating. Like all things in life, when viewed by an outsider it is natural to assume only the positive. Let me explain.

Most people in the workforce have to go into an office, arrive at a certain time and leave at a certain time and not miss any days, unless they have a legitimate sick note, or apply for leave. The last 6 months I have had none of that, I start and end work whenever I want and work from any location I wish. Awesome? Yes – it is but it isn’t without its negatives.

Firstly, don’t for one minute think that this approach equals less hours worked. In my case I would defy any corporate worker to show they have worked more hours than I have. If you are a disciplined person with a lot to get done, having this freedom doesn’t mean this is a chance to shirk work effort because the “boss” isn’t watching. If you are thinking like this you need to re-examine your work ethic or your job.

Secondly, and for me the most important point of this post is that having such freedom of choosing where you wish to work from: home, library, coffee shops, car, park, beach, etc is both liberating and unsettling. By nature I am not someone who likes to be restricted, I like my freedom, but I am a mature adult and know that freedom is only a partial right, there are responsibilities which one cannot/shouldn’t avoid. While I have nurtured this “Wandering Archetype” of my psyche the last 6 months I feel I have also become slightly unbalanced, constantly moving. I may work from home, then the kids come home and make a noise, or I am on a call and disturbing them, so I move to a coffee shop, I have a coffee then feel like I am taking too long and occupying their space to move on, or I am enjoying myself working from the public neighbourhood library and then a group of young kids start to disturb me and so it goes, I can sometimes feel like I am continuously on the move with no anchor.

In conclusion we go through experiences that we need, it is our way of self-regulating our inner-self, and knowing me like I know me, it was something that I needed to recharge my batteries for the next phase. To the outsider it looks perfect and invokes emotions of envy, but the truth is the person experiencing it experiences it differently; it is part of what he has to experience, and it isn’t always positive despite the way it looks to the outsider. You can extrapolate this out to the way we look at people with exceptional wealth and envy their position. We must not forget they too are experiencing their journey and while it may look perfect from the outside, I guarantee you it is fraught with its own positives and negatives.

The pieces in my new startup venture PsyQuation are slowly coming together. Stay tuned to learn more about my journey

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Can Dish it but Can’t take it

The Shanghai Stock Exchange has been in free fall for the last 3 weeks with many calling the selloff irrational.
Most forget that the Chinese market was the hottest stock index in the world last year with metoriac rises over the last couple of years.
When a market is hot people start to wonder when should you sell. You wait and wait and get more anxious. Finally the market starts dropping and you say let me lock in my gains and so the process unfolds until most people are heading for the same exit door and the stampede is ugly.
This is the nature of the markets they go up slowly in value sometimes a little faster than usual and then get ahead of themselves. Sensible investors identify this and cash in and typically also land up getting ahead of themselves until they create more value opportunities and so the cycle of the markets continues. Usually 5 steps forward and 3 steps backwards. Sometime in individual cases like stocks it goes back all the way to zero.
If you want to play in the game called the markets you have to be prepared to take as good as you give.

Selfie Narcissism

The last couple of weeks I have been noticing a certain behaviour on Instagram and its bothering me. I am not immune to the social media trend, in fact I am happily engaged, lol – one of the few times I am happy to go with the trend. However what I am noticing is particularly worrying and will be interesting and sad to see how it plays out on society.

A couple of the people I follow on Instagram are constantly “posing” for selfie shots as if the posts are going straight onto the cover of some famous fashion magazine. A lot of these people I am following happen to be good looking and it seems that they are obsessing with their appearance and showing it off to the public as some sort of wish fulfilment. In short I don’t really get it, but I can tell you I don’t like it. It feels contrived and self indulgent and it has forced me to unfollow many of these narcissists.

We live in a materialistic, hedonistic and increasingly narcissistic society, heaven help us for what kind of next generation we are breeding.