Intuition and Synchronicity show their Power

In January this year we presented our seed funders with a dollar and time budget for our new startup PsyQuation (we are unfortunately still in stealth mode so our site has no information (2 more months)).

When we put our budget together we had no idea on the details of the project. Yesterday I spent a lot of time going through the budgets, and I am very proud to say that we are well on target to come in under budget $-wise (despite a 20% AUD devaluation) and on time, time-wise.

How did this happen given all the distractions and crises that have happened since January?

Intuition is something Jung writes a lot about, and I unfortunately don’t have the time to unpack it from a theoretical point of view. The key point is that when you are an experienced professional you are able to do amazingly complex calculations unconsciously which expresses itself as intuition. Take a grandmaster chess player, it takes super computers with enormous processing power and speed to think like a grandmaster. While the grandmaster can do the calculations with no effort and in seconds drawing on their experience and their brains ability to process deductive reasoning.

The synchronistic event I wish to discuss is the reference I made on these pages a few months ago regarding my desire to learn the Python computer programming language. Why did this interest me? I had already embarked on learning R the more in vogue data science language, yet something in my psyche kept pushing me to learn Python.

Well what do you know, through no influence of mine, the language we have chosen to be the universal language across our companies software development is Python. That is not to say we won’t write things in C++, or other database languages at times, but essentially the glue with all the code will be Python. As the CEO of the company it is immensely powerful that I am familiar and can write some code in the language of the company I represent. A few months ago I often wondered to myself, “why”.

I now know Why!

Feeling Well

I haven’t posted for sometime. I have been capturing some of my spontaneous thoughts on my twitter feed @mickson but in essence my thoughts have been almost exclusively focused on the new startup PsyQuation.

About 3 weeks ago I got some sort of flu virus and tried my best to beat it. I took things slow and mostly got on top of it. Then 2 weeks ago I went to Hong Kong to meet my partner and cofounder for a brainstorm session. We had a great week but the time zone and unfamiliar climate contributed to me catching a new virus in my left eye. Wow how crappy one feels when affected by a virus.

Last week I was in Melbourne where I tried to shake the virus, I took it very easy over the weekend and feeling a lot better today.

I say all this while my daughter suffers with a chronic rare condition at the age of 16, having spent most of her life fighting one ailment after another. I feel so weak and moody, and basically pretty useless with the “man flu”. I think however I am suffering also from a broken heart, as a father watching his precious child suffer. I wish this was a more positive sounding post, but this is how I feel right now.

The markets to me seem once again bipolar. This is not an ordinary time. We are seeing volatility and potential manic markets, and then shhhhh, quiet. It feels like the more the market wants to express its feelings the more it is inoculated with medicine to keep quiet. I maintain we will soon see the mother of all breakdowns.

A Bear Perspective

I found this chart a nice visual display of important information. As a data scientist I am intrigued to see how the world of data visualisation is growing. The levels of creativity are truly astounding. I am amazed how some people see all the information in the raw numbers while others see the information through visual expression. I am in the latter camp.

I am currently working on a consulting project for a life company in which we are developing a business intelligence model from their data, and as you would expect the best way of creating this intelligence is through the visual medium.

Oops I wrote so much to say so little ………


Bear Out of Hibernation

Could it be that the bear has finally poked his head out from hibernation?

I have just found myself scrolling through some charts of major indexes getting a feel for how things have been performing of late. I have had no interest in the markets except for a brief period 2 weeks ago when watching the Shanghai exchange encounter a selloff.

I have noticed a little weakness the past few days and with yesterdays 8.5% selloff on the Shanghai exchange I have now some renewed interest. I looked at Gold, Oil which have been particular weak and now I can see the broad US indexes displaying some rolling over behaviour. I think this one can morph into something quite big. I have said that a few times, only to feel the ice cold draft prompting me back into hibernation.

I am feeling particularly ratty today, I know I had a late night and early start and some people in the office are annoying me. However as a journal writer over decades I have seen this pattern before where my mood often acts as a precursor to something bigger in the markets. Talk about seeing imaginary patterns, or not 🙂

Take a look at Gold and Shangai



Rich Peoples Problems

I was speaking to one of my investors today and something was said that triggered a memory of something I recall learning from King Solomon in Mishlei (30:9). My investor a wealthy individual was describing his concern about his wealth following a string of unsuccessful investments.

King Solomon says in Mishlei (Proverbs) “Give me neither poverty nor wealth, a lot me my daily bread.” One of the interpretations of this verse relates to the fact that it isn’t only poor people who have worries, but rich people as well. The rich fear losing what they have, this can be equally as worrying as a poor person worrying about where their next dollar will come from. Logically it doesn’t make sense but the more wealthy people I come across the more I see them suffering with stress and anxiety about hanging onto that wealth.

We always say to ourselves that if only we had $X million we would be happy with no worries. Well I hate to shatter that illusion, I witnessed it today and King Solomon a thousand years ago tipped us off to this amazing insight.

My mother is a wise women, she always says to me pray for average. Mom you ain’t the fool you look 😉