The Rise After the Fall

Today I read an absolutely brilliant article about Frank Lowy and his greatness.

I want to relook at my post yesterday which cast Frank’s fall from grace in a negative light, and give it a more positive spin. The article I read today which resonated strongly with me spoke endearingly how once again Frank picked himself up and carried on with his never say die attitude.


Most 80yr olds who take a fall like this, assuming they survive, usually spend the next few months in hospital. Well Frank gathered himself and within a few minutes was back up on the stage presenting the trophy. The following day he was nursing a bruised shoulder but otherwise in good shape. Now that is either very lucky or exceptionally tough. I will say it is a combination of both!

The takeaway for me from these two posts is to be careful not to fall into the trap of looking for major pivotal moments that are under heavy archetypal influences. The temptation is to see it as a fall from grace, as its theme fits so well within the context of archetypal moments. Then it can be followed like today’s positive post as another step in the Hero Archetype whose never say die attitude keeps being invoked in major archetypal type themes like falling from grace on the world stage only to pick oneself up.

We can draw the very same parallels when analyzing the markets. For instance in today’s context with markets at all time highs. The market commentators/researchers who have a bearish bias are looking for any archetypal sign to pin the TOP to, but just like I was quick to make the call about Lowy yesterday, today I am seeing his fall in positive way and far from calling it the end it may be the beginning of another reinforcing story of triumph which could be the same in the market context.

In order for one to draw conclusive inferences from archetypal type events, one needs to see clusters of complexes reinforcing the message of the influence of the prevailing archetype. Just like markets at different time intervals display sometimes contradicting messages so to with archetypes. On a 10 minute bar chart the market could be bearish whereas on a daily chart it could be extremely bullish. So when making calls on archetypes one has to also determine which archetypal force field is dominant at a particular time. For example a person may live their life like Frank under the influence of the hero archetype, however there may be shorter moments or periods where the innocent archetype is more dominant. The question one can then determine when taking a more macro view of the persons life is what archetype best defines this persons character through their life.