Sefirot Portfolio Activity

  1. Sell 25 SPY @ the Open
  2. Buy 115 WDTI @ the Open

This is Wisdomtree’s Managed Futures ETF. I am not sure if it s the best ETF representing the CTA/Managed Futures market but I think it is a great diversification instrument and should be good enough for me to beat the S&P500 over time in a risk adjusted way.

Here is a look at its performance since inception against SPY.


Portfolio Activity

The following positions will be added to the portfolio at the market open:
Buy 100 SPY @ open
Buy 500 OIL @ open

The only thing I wish to comment is that I maintain the US Indexes are still extremely overvalued and I will need to see a significant correction before getting too constructive on the portfolio.

I think this average of the valuation metrics I subscribe to says it all, we are still very overvalued.